Flea Market

Valley Hearts provides a weekly Flea Market with a variety of free second-hand items, ranging from clothing, footwear, bric-a-brac, small household items and linen through to the odd pieces of furniture.

Green Project

Greencare Program is our waste management the 10c containers help cover the cost for us to go out and feed/cloth and provide equality to the people in need we go around to places in Fortitude Valley that support our waste management system we provide them bin that we then service clean and return for next use please contact us if you're a business that would be interested in a quote

Food Parcels

Valley Hearts provides food parcels with fresh produce and non-perishable items. Our food parcels are available to anyone experiencing hardship.

Our Current Saving Goal for Valley Hearts

Our next saving goal for Valley Hearts is to reach 10 million dollars within the next few months. These funds will go to numerous services and projects that we provide at Valley Hearts, from purchasing to upgrading our current gear, setting up daily community meals, Starting up our Valley Green Project, and further funding our charities plans on running community events.

Raised: $25, 500
Goal: $10 million


Valley Hearts provides a range of free second-hand clothing for a variety of age ranges and purposes. You can find these at our premises or at the weekly Flea Market.

Community Support

Valley Hearts provides an assortment of community support including: Housing needs, e.g., referrals to housing specialists, community housing and tenancy groups Paperwork, e.g., applications, utility queries Identification documents, e.g., birth certificate, proof of age Support letters Appointment assistance

Linen, Blankets & Towels

Valley Hearts provides free second-hand bedding, blankets and towels to those who need them. You can find these at our premises or at the weekly Flea Market.

Youth and Early Childhood support

Valley Hearts aims to provide food and shelter for any children in need and to help them through the steps of education...

Aboriginal and Migrants support

We at Valley Hearts provide support for those of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, or those holding immigrancy or refugee status by assisting them in obtaining paperwork or providing access to public services within Australia that may help.