Helping Today. Helping Tomorrow.

Valley Hearts is a small, volunteer-based charity that seeks to support the marginalised community of the wider Fortitude Valley area. We meet people at whatever stage they’re at and walk with them for as long as they need. Collaboration is important to us, so you will find us often at Jeays Street Park in Bowen Hills working with our partners; Rosies, Orange Sky, Red Cross Jeays Street Community Centre and One Voice. We are also blessed to have kind and generous people who have networks that bring donations to help our community moving into accommodation and furnishing their homes. Along with linen, household items, clothing, shoes and other treasures people may have tucked away

We serve free meals on:

Monday night Community BBQ and Fresh Produce Market at Jeays St Park Thursday morning Breakfast BBQ and Flea Market at Jeays St Park We can provide a food hamper if needed. All of our food activities are free of charge. At Valley Hearts, all funds come from personal contributions and our 10c Recyclable Containers fundraiser. If you would like to support us with a financial contribution, please let us know. We passionately believe that every person is worth loving and has something to share in the community. Valley Hearts feels compelled to show love to everyone as we believe that people thrive in a loving community. So let this be in our hearts and be our guiding purpose in everything we do.



Our Vision

To transform our community by creating caring connections that nurture our own.

Our Mission

Provide food and refreshments for the hungry. Provide clothing and bedding to those who need them. Help the homeless find suitable accommodation and furnish it. Provide chaplaincy support in the courts, hospitals, prisons and on the streets.

Our Goal

At a grassroots level, to ensure the basic needs of our disenfranchised community are met through the Valley Hearts values of love, hope and giving.

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